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Why Baptiste Yoga

Baptiste Yoga is an athletic style of yoga that allows the students to be fully in their bodies and to get in touch with their own personal strength. Along with the physical postures, breath is also a key component of Baptiste Yoga. Baptiste Yoga is a vinyasa style of yoga, meaning that there is a constant stream of deep, intentional breath linking each movement together in a sort of "flow". The combination of yoga poses and conscious breath lets students tune out the internal chatter of the mind and solely focus on being in the present moment. This helps students build a yoga practice that feels good, as well as embody calmness and build confidence. Baptiste Yoga places an emphasis on hands-on assists and verbal cues to facilitate correct anatomical alignment. This produces immediate and concrete results in the body such as alleviating pain or increasing strength and flexibility. Baptiste Yoga also focuses on clear language and strategic technique within a balanced flow in order to make the practice accessible to everyone regardless of fitness level, age, experience or background. 


Check out the Baptiste Institute website to learn more!